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Telephone Company Vehicles
New BT Sport livery - August 2013 [Courtesy of Kevin]
  Ford Ranger, 2006  
Renault Kangoo Van [Courtesy of Dave Holman]
White Vauxhall Combo in Openreach livery, 2006 White Vauxhall Vivaro in Openreach livery, 2006 Renault Kangoo Van, 1999
Ford Escort Van Ford Transit Van [Courtesy of Erik] Ford Fiesta Van
White Ford Escort Van with new globe livery White Ford Transit Van with new globe livery White Ford Fiesta Van with new globe livery
BT White Transit Van BT White Corsa Van BT White Transit Van with hoist
White Ford Transit Van, used by BT in the late 90's White Vauxhall Corsa Van, used by BT in the late 90's White Ford Transit Van, with hoist, used by BT in the late 90's
BT Grey Transit Van BT Grey Escort Van BT Grey Transit Van
Grey Ford Transit Van, used by BT in the early 90's Grey Ford Escort Van, used by BT in the early 90's Grey Ford Transit Van, used by BT in the early 90's
Roadphone Polecat Vehicle Blue Maestro Van [Courtesy of Chris Coulter]
British Telecom "ROADPHONE" Polecat Vehicle
Used for preparing holes to take Telephone Poles
Austin Maestro Van 1990
BT Business Systems
Austin Maestro Van [Courtesy of Chris Hebbron]
Austin Maestro Van 1985 Morris Ital Van 1982
Morris Minor Van Morris Minor Van Bedford Van

Morris Minor Van, 1972 

Bedford HA 6 cwt Van, 1980

  Bedford HA110 6 cwt Van, 1981  
Dodge Van Sherpa Van Bedford Lorry
Dodge 15 cwt, 1978 Freight Rover Sherpa Van, 1984 Bedford 2 axle rigid body TK Lorry, 1974
Morris Van Morris Lorry Morris Van
Morris JB, 1958 Morris 10 cwt, 1950 Morris Van, 1950
Courtesy of Dean Conquest Morris Z Van [courtesy of Phil Gates]
Morris Minor Van, 1971

Morris Z Van, 1945

  view inside  
  Early GPO K6 Trailer [courtesy of Carl Burge)  
  Early GPO K6 Trailer  

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