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Please note:

This is a site which looks purely at historical telephones & telecoms through the last 100 years plus.

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Austin Maestro Van [Courtesy of Chris Hebbron]

Tools, Testers & other Engineering Equipment
Lineman's climbing bely [Courtesy of Lawrence Martin] Belt No 3 (Courtesy of Nigel Maggs) Belt No 8 (Courtesy of Nigel Maggs)
Lineman's Climbing Belt 1955 Lineman's Belt No.3 Lineman's Belt No.8
The leather on this belt is 6mm thick!    

Guard Gate [Courtesy of Lawrence Martin] Streetworks GPO Pole Sign [Courtesy of Lawrence Martin]
PO Guard Gate Street Work Barriers GPO Pole Sign

GPO Helmet (Courtesy of Nigel Maggs) BT Helmet
GPO Lineman's Helmet BT Lineman's Helmet

BT Lineman's Helmet


Lineman's Hand Lamp
GPO Lineman's Hand Lamp Dropwire Splitter Cable Sheath Pliers Crimping 11A
  Item code: 047522

(for jelly crimps)

  Suitable for stripping insulation from dropwire 10B (CW1411), 12 (CW1406) & CAD55 (CW1417)  


GPO Megger [Courtesy of Dave Dockerill] Megger Bridge Old Lineman's Phones (Courtesy of Nigel Maggs)
GPO Megger GPO Bridge Megger

Old GPO Lineman's Telephones

Type: No. 2A Resistance Tester Type: No.250 (1950s)
Made by Evershed & Vignoles Ltd Made by Evershed & Vignoles Ltd

286A Linesman's Telephone

British Telecom  Lineman's Field Telephone

British Telecom  Lineman's Field Telephone

British Telecom  Lineman's Field Telephone

Type: No.286A Type: No.286A (1990) Type: No.286B

282 284A [Courtesy of Graham Stokes] 290A 300A
BT  Lineman's Telephone BT  Lineman's Telephone BT Lineman's Telephone BT Lineman's Telephone BT Lineman's Telephone
Type: 282 Type: 284A Type: 290A Type: TELE 290 Type: 300A
  Item Code: 461936 Item Code: 375949 Item Code: 315628
Year: 1984   Year: 1999 Year: 1993 Year: 2001
      Made by PAB Electronics Ltd.  

Oscillator 87B [Courtesy of Lawrence Martin] Oscillator 87G 87J Oscillator Oscillator 171B
Oscillator 87B Oscillator 87F Oscillator 87G Oscillator 87J Oscillator 171B Sentinel
    Item code: 315038 Item code: 315569 Item Code: 818133
  View controls View controls   view inside

Oscillator 174A Amplifier 109E [Courtesy of Lawrence Martin] Amplifier 109G Amplifier109J Amplifier109K
Oscillator 174A Amplifier 109E Amplifier 109G Amplifier 109J Amplifier 109K
    View controls Item code: 315570 Item code: 315584

Test Plug Adaptor Test 3B Adaptor Test 5A
Adaptor Test 3A Adaptor Test 3B Adaptor Test 49A Adaptor Test 4B Adaptor Test 5A Adapter Test 51A
View Diagram Item Code: 003965 Part No: 50766681 Item Code: 127089 Item Code: 314605 Item Code: 129202
    Made by Chesilvale Electronics Krone Test Lead 4-pole
6089-2-012-01 (1.5M)
  For use on Connection Module 1A

Test Lead 6/10E Test Lead 6/10K
Test Lead
Cord connecting 6/10A
Test Lead
Cord Connecting 6/10B
Test Lead
Cord Connecting 6/10D
Test Lead
Cord Connecting 6/10E
Test Lead
Cord Connecting 6/10J
Test Lead
Cord Connecting 6/10K
631A socket to six spades 631A socket to 242A plug 631A socket to 4 pole Krone connector 631A socket to 3 crocodile clips 631A socket to Test Jack 44 631A socket to 241A mini Krone connector
Item code: 512329 Item Code: 512369 Item Code: 512371 Item Code: 512372 Item Code: 512393
  Year: 1989        

 Digitell Dialled Digit Analyser Seaward MT400 Eaglehawk Line Tester Krone IDC Tool
Digitell Dialled Digit Analyser Seaward MT400 Line Tester Eaglehawk Line Tester Krone IDC Insertion Tool 2A
  View Diagram

 Tester 417B
Tester: 417B Tester 18C Tester 51 BT Hawk Tester
  Made by Metrohm Made by Megger  

 BT Multimeter SA9083
BT Multimeters SA9083 Testers ESP Tester 337A MK II

Year: 1998


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Further Telephone Information:


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Old Dialling Code Information


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