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These photographs were taken in June 2002 during a very enjoyable visit to the Essex Secret Bunker, otherwise known as Furze Hill. My thanks to Mike Best & the THG for organising the trip and to Dr James Fox (the Curator) for his warm welcome. Unfortunately the Essex Secret Bunker closed it's doors in December 2002 and is no longer open to the public.

Furze Hill was constructed in 1951 at a cost of 500,000 by the Ministry of Defence as a command centre for the deployment and firing of anti-aircraft defences. The building was maintained by the War Office from 1954-1963. In 1963 the bunker was purchased by Essex County Council from the War Office at a cost of 5,250 and became their emergency headquarters in the event of a nuclear war.

In 1993 the requirement for each county to maintain an emergency HQ was removed by the government. In early 1995 the renovation and refurbishment of the building commenced. Furze Hill officially opened as a museum on Friday 5th April 1996.

The semi-sunk building provided space of around 2,000 square metres, the walls are constructed of 75cm thick concrete which is strengthened every few centimetres with steel mesh. The roof is over one metre thick and the foundations are set in three metres of concrete. The entrances are protected by heavy blast walls and canopies, with outer blast doors constructed of tank steel.

MSB02.jpg (36250 bytes) MSB03.jpg (50100 bytes)
Views from the outside of Essex Secret Bunker
MSB04.jpg (41449 bytes) MSB07.jpg (50380 bytes) MSB09.jpg (41157 bytes)
Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR) HQ
MSB09.jpg (41157 bytes) MSB06.jpg (53985 bytes) MSB08.jpg (24240 bytes)
Operations Room Gallery Data Terminal
MSB05.jpg (44322 bytes) MSB10.jpg (43435 bytes) MSB11.jpg (39011 bytes)
Central Operations Room
MSB12.jpg (41406 bytes) MSB13.jpg (45226 bytes) MSB14.jpg (39529 bytes)
Central Operations Room
MSB15.jpg (55112 bytes) MSB16.jpg (41522 bytes) MSB17.jpg (49894 bytes)
Central Operations Room
MSB18.jpg (54179 bytes) MSB20.jpg (39189 bytes) MSB19.jpg (50214 bytes)
Map Room
MSB24.jpg (47277 bytes) MSB23.jpg (37677 bytes) MSB22.jpg (43165 bytes)
County Controller's Office Scientist's Room
MSB25.jpg (42118 bytes) MSB27.jpg (40512 bytes) MSB29.jpg (46017 bytes)
Communications Centre (COMCEN)
MSB30.jpg (48195 bytes) MSB28.jpg (38338 bytes) MSB26.jpg (31280 bytes)

Communications Centre (COMCEN)

Telex Machine
MSB31.jpg (46151 bytes) MSB32.jpg (36773 bytes) MSB33.jpg (32201 bytes)
Radio Room
MSB34.jpg (41883 bytes) MSB35.jpg (49480 bytes) MSB21.jpg (37630 bytes)

Radio Room

MSB37.jpg (41876 bytes) MSB38.jpg (40593 bytes) MSB39.jpg (28045 bytes)
PABX (Old Switchboard)
MSB40.jpg (43029 bytes) MSB41.jpg (46505 bytes) MSB42.jpg (41261 bytes)
Telephone Exchange (with Merlin System)

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