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Telephone From Here Sign Post Office Telephone Sign Telephone Sign
Telephone Kiosks


Kiosk No. 1 Mk. 235

Kiosk No. 1 Mk. 236 Kiosk No. 2 Kiosk No. 3
Kiosk No.1 (235) Kiosk No.1(236) Kiosk No.2 Kiosk No.3 (234)
Introduced in 1921 Introduced in 1921 Introduced in 1927 Introduced in 1929

Kiosk No. 4 Kiosk No. 5 Kiosk No. 6 Mk. I Kiosk No. 6 Mk. II
Kiosk No.4 Kiosk No.5 Kiosk No.6 Kiosk No.6 Mk.II
Introduced in 1927 Introduced in 1934 Introduced in 1936 Introduced in 1952

Kiosk No. 6 Mk. II in grey Kiosk No. 7 Kiosk No. 7A Kiosk No. 8
Kiosk No.6 -Grey Kiosk No.7 Kiosk No.7A Kiosk No.8
Introduced in 1962 Introduced in 1980 Introduced in 1968

Kiosk KX100 Kiosk KX100 Kiosk KX100 Kiosk KX100 Plus
Three examples of the KX100    KX100 Plus
   View illuminated sign    

Kiosk KX200 Kiosk KX300 Kiosk KX410 Brinton's Kiosk
KX200 KX300 KX410 Factory Kiosk

Coin-Boxes & Payphones
  Fact-file: The first A-B Box was introduced in 1925
Coin-Box A-B Coin Box A-B Coin Box A-B Coin Box
  View Inside View Inside View Inside

A-B Coin Box. Courtesy of John Griffiths      
View Inside      

  Fact-file: The first Pay-On-Answer Payphone was introduced in 1959
Coin Box Coin Box 705 Payphone [Courtesy of Andy Harris] 735 Payphone
No. 705   3E 735 (1980) Item Code: 373425
      View Inside
View installed inside my shop

Payphone Payphone CT22A [Courtesy of Hywel Clatworthy] Payphone CT22B  
725 CT22A CT22B CT23
      Payphone 100

24A Coin Telephone Payphone 500 Moneymate 'Moneybox'
CT24  CT25A CT28A "Moneymate" CT6000 "Moneybox"
Payphone 600  Payphone 500   Item Code: 870131 (CT6000)
Item Code: 870277 (CT6000C)
For Public Phone Boxes Renters Payphone View Outside 2, View Inside #1, View Inside #2 View Inside

Yellow Payphone 200 Beige Payphone 200 [Courtesy of Jason Swift]    
CT31D CT31D    
Payphone 200 Mk.II Payphone 200 Mk.II    
Coin Telephone No: 27      

Payphone 190 Payphone 390 Payphone 490  
Payphone 190 (CT7000) Payphone 390+ Payphone 490+  
Item Code: 376215      
View Inside #1, View Inside #2  

Payphone Coin Telephone PhoneCard Payphone  
Phonecard only Payphone Phonecard or Coins Payphone

Phonecard only Payphone


Contour 50 Payphone
Contour 50  Contour 100 Contour 200 Contour 300

  Illuminated Sign from a KX100  
  Illuminated sign from a KX100

Facsimile of an emergency calls sign used in kiosks 


Many of the pictures on this page were taken at the National Telephone Kiosk Collection at Avoncroft Museum of Buildings in Bromsgrove.

My thanks for their permission to show these photographs. For further details and to view pictures of their interesting old rural telephone exchange

Kiosk 6 versions:

K6A  Door fitted opposite back panel and hinged on the left
K6B  Door fitted opposite back panel and hinged on the right

K6C  Door fitted on the left and hinged on the left
K6D  Door fitted on the right and hinged on the right


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