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We supply & install Telephone Systems, as well as rectifying telephone wiring & broadband faults

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The Telephones UK site looks purely at historical telephones and telecoms through the last 100 years, we do not sell any of the items pictured


Main Distribution Frame (MDF)
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The Distribution side of the MDF, where all the subscriber's lines arrive at
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Distribution side of the MDF Fuses and links
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The Exchange side of the MDF, where lines are forwarded on within the exchange

System X Equipment
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Line Cards, four subscriber's lines per card
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Multiplex Cards Processor Cards Main processor, Memory & Hard Drives
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Ringing Supplies System X Equipment Racks

Wideband, ISDN, DACS, ADSL, LDU & Private Circuits
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Wideband, ISDN, Kilostream & Megastream Equipment
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Digital Access Carrier System (DACS) Private Circuits
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ADSL equipment Old Ringing Machine
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Loop Diagnosis Units, which provide the 17070 line test facility

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Large Diesel Engine, which drives the Standby Generator Cable Pressurisation Unit


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