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Bell-Set No: 20 [Courtesy of Gerry Queen] Bellset 25 Bell Set 26/1
Bell-Set No: 20 Bell-Set 25 (1933) Bell-Set 26/1 (1957)
Type: 20 Mk.IV View Inside View Inside
Year: 1954

View underneath

View underneath



Red Bellset No: 26 [Courtesy of Neil Carpenter] Ivory Bellset No: 31 [Courtesy of Neil Carpenter] 248 & 39A
Bell-Set Bell-Set  Bell-set No. 39A
Type: 26 Type: 31 Type: 39A
Year: 1936 Year: 1933 Year: 1949

Circuit Diagram View inside base

Bell-Set No: 41 [Courtesy of Bill Hussey] Telephone 248 & Bellset 44 [Courtesy of Ken Dexter]
Bell-Set No: 41 Bell-Set No. 44 Bell-Set No: 48
Type: 41 Type: 44 type: 48
  Year: 1952 Year: 1970
  Circuit Diagram View inside base Contains 706 telephone circuit (apart from gravity switch) for use with 713 telephone

Impedance: 1k

View Inside  View underneath

Bell 50A Bell 50B

Bell 50C

Bell-Set 50A  Bell-Set 50B  Bell-Set 50C 
Contains 2x 500bell coils and 1.8F capacitor Contains 746 telephone circuit (apart from gravity switch) for use with 713 telephone Contains 2x 2kbell coils and 1.8F capacitor
Impedance: 1kΩ  Impedance: 1k Impedance: 4k
Year: 1980 Year: 1981 Year: 1986

View inside  View underneath


View inside 

View Inside





Bell 50E

Bell-Set 50B [Courtesy of Sam Hallas]


Bell 50E

Bell-Set 50B   

Impedance: 4k

Contains 746 telephone circuit (apart from gravity switch) for use with 713 telephone  

View Inside

Impedance: 1k  
  View Inside  

Internal & External Bells

Bellset 1A [Courtesy of Ken Dexter]

Bell 44C

Bell1A Bell 44C Bell 59A Mk.I
Year: 1921 10-25V DC or 25-50V DC Impedance: 1k
View Inside


Bell 56C [Courtesy of Ken Dexter]

Bell 56C [Courtesy of Chris Hebbron]

Bell 64D

Bell 64D

Bell 56C

Bell 64D

10-25V DC or 25-60V DC with 2" dia. bell gongs
Year: 1968   Item code: 370030 View inside

Bell 64E [Courtesy of Jeff] Bell 64F

Bell 67

Bell 80D
Bell 64E Bell 64F External Bell 67

External Bell 80D

with two 4" dia. bell gongs

with two Cowgongs

with two 6" dia. bell gongs

Item Code: 374396

Impedance: 1k Impedance: 1k Impedance: 1k Impedance: 4k

Year: 1977

  Year: 1982

View inside

  View inside

Bells fitted inside Telephones

Bell 59D

Bell 59D-1

Bell 79A

1k Bell used in 700 series phones

4k Bell used in 8700 series phones

4k Bell used in later 746 phones

Type: 59D Type: 59D-1 Type: 79A


Buzzer 18A

Buzzer 33A Buzzer 32C-3
Type: 18A

Type: 33A

Type: 32C-3
Year: 1937 Item Code: 370093 Impedance: 138 Ω Current: 40mA
View Inside   Used in 740, 741 & 746 Telephones

Ringers & Tone Callers

Plug-In Ringer

Plug-in Tone Ringer with light Extension Tone Caller

Plug In Ringer. 

Plug-In Tone Ringer with flashing light

Extension Tone Caller

Type No: 870100

Item Code: 871565

Item Code: 870506

Year: 1986 Year: 2000

View Inside




Tonecaller 15  
  BT Tonecaller 15  
  AKA Mayhem or Bedlam  

Item Code: 870472

  Year: 1997  
  Technical Spec.  

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